About us

Since our incorporation in Singapore in 2007, BlueBell Discovery has been delighting clients from a wide range of industries with our integrated information technology (IT) systems, including our media and queue systems and payment systems. Over the years, our numerous effective and reliable IT systems have played a key part in driving productivity improvements, enhancing customer experience and catalysing business growth.

With our IT expertise coupled with our passion for service excellence, we have successfully established close partnerships and collaborations with our clients for many years.

We believe we can also be your reliable and trusted business partner in shaping the transformation of your customer experience and enhancing your business competitiveness through our quality IT solutions.

Our approach

It is our belief that the core of any IT solution is to address and solve the root of the fundamental problem, and  materialise the desired outcome. With this in mind, we adopt a design thinking approach, engaging our clients very closely to understand what issues they face and what their goals are, before crafting out creative and effective solutions. Throughout this process, we remain very clear and focused that the solution delivered not only meets the goal and brings about the desired results, but also does so, on time.

Ultimately, our aim is to Make life Easier for our clients and our clients’ customers!